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24 Hour Care at Home in Long Beach, CA

Round the Clock Caregivers

The luxury of having a friendly assistant for daily help is invaluable. Like someone who can help mom or dad with daily chores like laundry, dishwashing and remembering medications. A-1 Home Care hires experienced Long Beach In Home Caregivers, Hourly Home Helpers or Senior Companions who provide live in care, hourly or 24 hour care for elderly and senior loved ones. Our diverse services can include: Morning wakeup, Daily meals, Bed making, Pet Care, Basic Health Supervision, Daily Exercise, and Day Trips.

Compatible Nursing Assistants for Elder Clients

We at A-1 Home Care consider personalities and compatibility seriously when matching our nursing assistants to elder clients. We know the difference it makes when elderly clients can spend the day with a live-in caregiver who shares an interest, whether it be gardening or golf. A-1 Home Care considers our clients’ needs and provides frequent check ins and 24 hour support.

A-1 Home Care provides Long Beach Live In Caregivers in the cities of Long Beach, Seal Beach, Rossmoor, La Mirada, Carson, Los Angeles and Orange County. Let us help you brighten up these golden years for the whole family!


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