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Arthritis Care in Long Beach, Paramount, Bellflower, Buena Park

Caring for a family member personally is not always physically or economically feasible. With the recent economy, job commitments, distance and other barriers, it is difficult for family members to offer the amount of assistance they wish they could. A-1 Home Care can help you alleviate your worries. Our agency can place an in home Caregiver or Certified Nurse Assistant within the same or next day. If you are looking to provide personable and skillful care to your loved one but live too far away to assist full time, A-1 Home Care serves all around Southern California, providing compassionate long distance care for your family’s needs.

There are over 46 million Americans today experiencing the hardships that come from Arthritis pains every day. These aches prevent active individuals from taking part in their beloved daily activities to their fullest capacities.

We offer a multitude of in homecare services such as Live In & Live Out Care, Hourly Care, Senior Care and Elderly Home Care. We serve the communities of Downey, Norwalk, Lakewood, La Mirada, Cerritos, Long Beach and other cities in the Los Angeles County and Orange County areas, CA.

Live in and Live Out Care for Independent Seniors

While you would love to entertain your grandchildren with a game of Hide and Seek, tend to your prized garden, or live out another favorite pastime, Arthritic pain is keeping your aching joints immobilized. Our In Home Caregivers give our clients the independence they seek by engaging them in specialized activities, aimed at making living with arthritis more manageable. Activities that are included in this lively approach to care include:

  • Exercise: swimming, walking, Tai Chi, along with other low-impact, moderate physical activities that are recommended by the Arthritis Foundation® to help minimize and manage arthritis symptoms
  • Socializing: connectivity and interaction with others is a helpful aspect in arthritis care, in order to take one's mind off the pain and lift the spirit
  • Pursuit of hobbies: focusing on and engaging in pleasurable activities
  • Assistance with household cleaning and chores, errands, and activities of daily living
  • Medication reminders
  • Transportation needs

For Arthritis Care, Call us at 562-929-8400


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